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Teta Bonatsos & Associates have a 25 year long track of successful presence as an Accounting, Tax and Advisory Firm, registered at Corinth, Greece.

Mrs Bonatsos has completed her studies at Aristotle University of Thessalonica and holds a Grade A certification in Tax and Accounting (highest level as per the pertaining Greek legislation).

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The firm offers high quality, targeted services to affluent customers in Greece as well as potential foreign investors seeking a qualified intermediary as a single point of contact to negotiate terms and conditions for large-scale investment projects.

The firm operated according to International best practices and employees University Graduates to safeguard the consistent high-level day-to-day completion of reporting requirements for all clients of the firm towards the Public Authorities  in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Teta Bonatsos & Associates offer a complete porfolio of financial, accounting, tax and consulting services to cover completely the needs of customers of all types and capital sizes. Mrs Bonatsos, in particular, has established herself as a trusted-partner, consultant and member of the  Board of Directors in a number of companies, investment and other legal entities, on the basis of her ability to deliver very high standard of Consultancy in her area of specialization, as well as a versatile and trusted intermediary to facilitate the negotiation and deployment of large-scale investment projects.



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